Corporate Governance

2023.02.22/ 25th of the 24th board

  1. 2022 Board of Directors Performance Evaluation Report
  2. Greenhouse gas inventory and schedule planning report.
  3. Cooperate with Anhou Jianye United Certified Public Accountants to change the visa accountant report by internal rotation.
  4. Passed the independence and suitability evaluation of the accountant.
  5. Passed the distribution of employee and director remuneration for 2022. The total employee remuneration was NT$132,351,620, and the total remuneration to directors was NT$105,881,296.
  6. The 2022 business report and financial report.
  7. Passed the Company's 2022 surplus distribution case, with cash dividends at NT$3.5 per share.
  8. Established the baseline date for distribution of cash dividends and issue date in 2022.
  9. Passed the nomination of candidates for the 25th board of directors (including independent directors) of the Company.
  10. Passed the lifting of the non-competition restriction of the new directors of the Company.
  11. Passed the Amendment of the "Articles of Incorporation."
  12. Amendments to the Code of Practice on Corporate Governance are approved.
  13. Passed the Amendment of the “the Code of Practice on Sustainable Development”.
  14. Passed the "financial business related operating procedures between related parties", the plan is finalized.
  15. Passed the company's Taoyuan Processing Center C workshop construction project and surrounding related facilities project contract.
  16. Passed the setting of the 2030 phased goal of "2050 Net Zero Carbon Emission", two “30” are formulated as the 2030 phased goals: (1) Carbon reduction by 30%: In 2030, the total carbon emissions will be reduced by 30% compared with 2005. ((2) RE30: In 2030, 30% of the total electricity consumption will come from renewable energy; And complete the negotiation for the purchase of renewable energy with an annual power consumption of 30% of the Company by 2030.
  17. Passed the short term credit obligation case of US$35 million for the subsidiary Tung Ho Steel Vietnam Corp., Ltd.
  18. Passed the endorsement/guarantee short term credit obligation renewal case of US$20 million with Cathay United Bank for the subsidiary Tung Ho Steel Vietnam Corp., Ltd.

2023.01.05/ 24th of the 24th board

  1. Passed the re-election of the 25th directors of the Company.
  2. Approved the proposal to hold the 2023 Annual General Meeting and to process proposals of shareholders holding more than 1% of shares.
  3. Approved the application of the subsidiary Tung Kang Wind Power Co., Ltd. to lease the building' roof of Taoyuan Processing Center of the company.

2020 Board of Directors' Performance Evaluation Report

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