Formed steel is a bar-shaped steel material that has a specific cross-sectional shape and size. The steel billet is heated and undergoes rolling and extension, and is one of the main steel materials used in buildings (steel structures) and other construction projects (bridges, ships, vehicles, and so on). The varieties of formed steel produced by Tung Ho Steel include: H-beams, I-beams, channel beams, and U-beams, among others.

Of these, for H-beams we recommend steel type CNS SN400YB!

After the 1994 Northridge earthquake in California, U.S.A. and the 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake in Japan, it was discovered that steel frame buildings, which was considered as having the best earthquake resistance, were badly damaged or even totally collapsed during the earthquakes (especially for low-rise steel frame buildings), though to a lesser extent than buildings of other frame structures.

After experts and scholars from around the world conducted researches, they found that the chemical components and mechanical properties of the commonly used steels SS400 and A36 were not able to meet the seismic design requirements for buildings. It could even be argued that they were selected solely for their strength, without any considerations of their aseismatic performance. The Japanese government had consequently specified about 20 years ago that the SN steel was the only construction steel that met the seismic design requirements.

However, the Taiwanese steel usage philosophy for low-rise steel frame buildings remains what it was 20 years ago, i.e. use of SS400 and A36. As H-bar steels are the main steels used in the main structure of low-rise steel frame buildings, in 2012, Tung Ho Steel decided to cancel the price raise for H-beam steel made from the SN400YB steel, thereby providing consumers with the SN400YB steel, the only steel that meets the seismic design requirements, at the same price as SS400 and A36, in a bid to accelerate the quality improvement of steels for low-rise steel frame buildings in Taiwan.

<Earthquake resistance starts with choosing SN steel>

Exclusively produced by Tung Ho Steel, 100% sufficient weight

To avoid cross-section coefficient reduction of H-bar steels due to under-thickness tolerance, Tung Ho Steel exclusively produces 100% lumping weight H-bar steels, in order to ensure satisfaction of the strict requirements that the structural strength and cross-section coefficient reach 100% and surpass the CNS national standards. As such, we are well-placed to improve the quality of steel material for buildings in Taiwan and provide consumers with 100% safe and earthquake-resistant H-bar steels used in building frame.

We imprint a lifetime guarantee for consumers on every piece of steel we produce. When you see “THAS” (Tung Ho Accredited Steel) and “CNS SN400YB” imprinted on H-beam steel, this is the mark of Tung Ho Steel’s guarantee that the steel truly complies with the highest safety standards for earthquake resistance.


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