Kaohsiung Works

Kaohsiung Works

General Manager : Tzung-Yu Wang
Address:NO.8,Jiaxing St., Xiaogang Dist.,Kaohsiung City 81257, Taiwan
Founded in 1974
Production Capacity :
Section 400,000 metric tons/year、Rebar 300,000 metric tons/year、Rebar cut72,000mrtric tons/year

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Sparing no effort in environmental protection

In Kaohsiung, a center of heavy industry and manufacturing, Tung Ho Steel not only consistently optimizes product quality and customer services, but also pays significant attention to the construction of multiple environmental protection facilities. For example: wastewater processing equipment, sound barrier partition walls, street-sweeping vehicles, vehicle cleaning reservoirs and other facilities. There are also many planted areas all around the factory to make the environment greener. Thus, with the positive reputation of being a “green factory,” the site strives to create an eco-friendly facility that protects the environment.

Amid rising calls for environmental protection, how to implement the pursuit of environmental protection has become an important and inevitable topic for Taiwan and all companies to consider. The carbon footprint verification results obtained through an independent and fair review by a third-party international certification agency show that Tung Ho Steel’s Kaohsiung Works has achieved effective management in terms of energy conservation and CO2 reductions. Moreover, opting to use an internationally renowned certification agency for the review adds even more to the international visibility of Tung Ho Steel’s Kaohsiung Works, winning brand recognition from users, and enabling the industry to constantly develop and improve its competitiveness in terms of offering an environmentally friendly supply chain.

A full range of facilities and a complete production process

The Kaohsiung Works was Tung Ho Steel’s first plant. As Tung Ho Steel continues to develop and progress, the range of equipment currently available at the facility is very much complete. At present, the Kaohsiung Works primarily produces various types of formed steel and rebar products, whose source materials are entirely supplied by the Taoyuan Works and the Miaoli Works. Electric arc furnaces are used to refine scrap steel into billet, which is then transported to the Kaohsiung Works for rolling, and subsequent processing and handling. Thereafter, only after undergoing a series of product quality tests and confirming they have passed these tests can Tung Ho Steel products be shipped to customers. This has been a consistent practice for Tung Ho Steel since day one.

In addition to this, the Kaohsiung Works also has equipment including machines that allow for rebar to be automatically formed and processed; friction welding Coupler, and Rebar Wire Mesh. This enables customized processing according to various customer needs, allowing customers to save large amounts of effort and human exertion. We are always striving to satisfy all needs of customers, and this is also why Tung Ho Steel has consistently remained a leader among industry peers.

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