Taoyuan Fabrication Center

Works Basic Data

Contact Person: Ku Tien-Hsing
Address: No. 49-6, Caota, Neighbor 8, Baozhang Village, Guanyin District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 32847
Phone: (03) 476-1151 ext. 120
Establishment Year: 2022

Enhanced Customization Meticulous Service

Established in September 2022, the Taoyuan Fabrication Center is Tung Ho Steel’s professional rebar fabrication works. Upholding the concept of “Enhanced Customization” and “Meticulous Service”, we provide customers with better-quality and more comprehensive rebar fabricated products and services.

In addition to assuring the quality of independent material feeding through stringent process control emphasizing feeding and production control, we also offer optimal production with one-stop shopping service. To provide services for more downstream manufacturers, apart from using Tung Ho Steel’s self-produced rebar, we also introduce the latest equipment such as the rebar cutting machines, computerized fully automatic rebar bending machines, semi-automatic rebar forming machines, and friction welding machines to offer custom service based on customer requirements. Additionally, to achieve the goals of customer satisfaction and service optimization, we uphold the principles of best quality products and quick delivery so as to fulfill customer needs.

Corporate Location

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