Social Prosperity

Community Participation

To avoid impacts on the living environment locally and by upholding the principle of maintaining good relationship with neighbors, we promote good neighbor activities and aim at maintaining a harmonious relation with local communities. Contents of social participation of the three works are as follows.

Social participation of the three works

Facility Content of social participation
Taoyuan Works
  • Actively conduct environmental monitoring regularly to understand the environmental impacts caused by production activity.
  • Regularly assist with the mowing of weeds on the neighboring roads to play the role of a good neighbor.
  • Actively visit the neighboring communities on an irregular basis, participate in community charity activities, and sponsor neighboring schools and club activities.
  • During the construction and operation period, conduct the environmental monitoring every quarter in accordance with the content of the environmental impact statement, and the monitoring items include air quality, noise, vibration, water quality, transportation, ecology, and soil. Currently the monitoring results all meet the environmental related regulations.
Miaoli Works
  • Add the environmental impact and occupational safety and health risk assessment before the implementation of the new manufacturing process.
  • Conduct sampling for the environmental impact assessment every quarter, and the monitoring items include air quality, noise, vibration, surface water quality, groundwater, and soil. The monitoring results of the above items all met legal requirements.
  • Assign dedicated personnel to actively participate in community development associations and village meetings.
  • Sponsor activities of the township offices, neighboring schools, and clubs.
  • Adopt nearby streetlights and clean the roads around the works every day.
Kaohsiung Works
  • Participate in the Labor Safety and Health Promotion Meeting of Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Zone every two months. To strengthen the industrial safety awareness and independent management capabilities of the manufacturers in the industrial area, occupational accident prevention observation meetings are often organized.
  • Visit the neighboring communities from time to time, and sponsor the community activities, school activities and festivals.
  • The plant supervisors participate in the good neighbor activities.

Note: The Company only implements local community assessment and engagement in important production plant areas. Kaohsiung Works is located in the industrial zone and does not add new manufacturing process, and therefore does not have operations with significant actual or potential negative impacts.

Tung Ho Steel Foundation

Tung Ho Steel has supported cultural and artistic activities in Taiwan for a long time. On the 50th anniversary of its establishment, the Company established the Tung Ho Steel Foundation with an aim to enhance the cultural and artistic literacy of people in Taiwan, cultivate talents in art, promote art education and cultural and creative industry, and organize or sponsor a number of cultural and artistic activities to promote the integration of iron and steel industry and culture. We invited artists to enter Miaoli Works for the creation of steel sculptures, being one of the important cases of cooperation between enterprises and artists in Taiwan, and the work was also awarded the Best Creativity Award of the 10th Art & Business.

Ho Chin Tui Foundation

Ho Chin Tui Foundation was established in 1975, and has been committed to rewarding young students excellent in conduct and learning as well as diligent students from disadvantaged families. Due to the changes in the social environment later on, it was rare for students to discontinue their studies for poverty. Therefore, Ho Chin Tui Award was set up in 1991 to provide rewards to outstanding scholars who have been making long tern efforts and significant contributions to the development of the industries and economy in Taiwan in four major fields, including basic science (mathematical physics and biology), material science, metallurgy and environmental protection. Since 2006, the green building category has been also added, providing substantial rewards to those with outstanding achievements and contributions. The foundation was renamed in 2021, and it carries forward the purpose of the foundation to nourish great talents to encourage people to work hard, enjoy doing good deeds and promote talents, aiming at its sustainable development and expanding the scope of giving back to the society. The substantial rewards include the awarding of Medal of Honor and rewards of NTD 600,000. As of the end of 2021, there have been a cumulative of 168 winners of this award.

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