Corporate Governance

Management Team

Honorary Chairman Earle J. S. Ho

Mr. Earle J.S. Ho holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from National Taiwan University and a master’s degree in economics from Indiana University. During the early stages of the company’s development, Mr. Earle J.S. Ho actively introduced advanced equipment, taking the lead in installing continuous casting machines and pushing the company to list its shares publicly. In 1990, the first hot-rolling plant for integrated forming of H-beam steel in Greater China was built in Miaoli. To strengthen the enterprise’s overall quality, he established its business philosophy based on trust, developing a corporate culture of self-discipline, love of knowledge, and optimism.

With a precise vision, Mr. Earle J.S. Ho has guided Tung Ho Steel to develop into a modern company that strides traditional boundaries. This has enabled Tung Ho Steel to become an enterprise group with strong practical capabilities.

Chairman & CEO:Henry C. T. Ho

Mr. Henry Ho holds a degree in economics from Harvard University, and previously worked at McKinsey & Company. He joined Tung Ho Steel in 1997 to oversee departments including Finance and Accounting, Assets and Equipment, Operations, and Production, with deep engagement in the company’s internal management, source material procurement, sales services, and production technology. He also made sizable contributions to planning for the future development and ongoing vision of Tung Ho Steel Group. In 2009, he assumed the position of President. In this capacity, he planned and oversaw construction of the new Guanyin plant in Taoyuan, centered on all-new energy-saving and CO2-reducing, environmentally friendly designs and adopting the most advanced modernized equipment. This plant introduced hot steel billet direct rolling and extending machines that do not feature a heat furnace, and also successfully developed rod rebar, high-strength threaded rebar, and other products. To make construction more convenient and more efficient, construction work methods were changed as well.

In 2014, the Board of Directors recommended Mr. Henry Ho to assume the position of Chairman. Moving forward, Tung Ho Steel will enter a new era under the leadership of Chairman Henry Ho as it strides forward into new endeavors.

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